Hello, fellow Empire Wiki fans and users, this is a blog announcing some NEW rules that the admins are deciding to set this day forward. It is VERY important that you guys stick to this rule because we want to ensure that the wiki is very comfortable and satisfying for everyone.

Here are some new rules:

1. Anonymous users MUST LOG IN OR REGISTER to participate on this wiki.

Although it may seem tiring or too much to make an account, the admins have decided to create this rule because we have noticed that the anonymous users have been making very inappropriate, rude, and awkward comments on this wiki. It is very hard to keep track of who to warn or who to block. It is possible that Wikia will disable anonymous contributions on this wiki.

In addition, the admins would all like anonymous users to make accounts and participate with us to help this wiki become one of the best. 

2. Every user must be 13 years old and up, or you will be immediately banned.

The admins have noticed that some anonymous users have claimed they are 6 years old or 9 years old. This wiki has a very straightforward policy when it comes to who is eligible to contribute on the wiki based on their age. Younger users are not allowed until they have reached the actual age. This is SERIOUS, and it cannot be disobeyed.

If these rules are not followed, it will result in an immediate ban. If Wikia decides to disable anonymous editing, these rules will be put forth from now on. 

Enjoy the rest of your day, guys.

- Trae

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