Hey guys!

As the Empire Wiki is increasing in users for this new, highest rating show of the year, the wiki is definitely in need of construction. The admins have been in need of help with pages, updating, and making this wiki look, feel, and flow like a community.


The admins need you guys to contribute and help us out! If there's any assistance or anything you guys want to help us with, contact REBƎLReloadedGinaSays16, and EXO-M and talk to us!

How can you help? What can you help with?

Character and actor pages!
Song pages (adding information and lyrics)
Episode pages (updating plot summaries)
Photos (add more Empire photos and actor photos!)

There are TONS of things we need to do and add! Joining this movement will be worth it!

Sincerely, your fellow founder and Empire Wiki leader, Trae!

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