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  • REBƎLReloaded

    Greetings, fellow leading Lyons and Lyonnesses! Today, I am here to announce that the Empire Wiki will have its official....

    Empire Wiki UPDATE TEAM!

    Here's the thing, guys: we need members like YOU to contribute to keep our wiki organized and up to date for the new season of Empire this fall. 

    What's wrong?

    There are many pages in need of updating, like ALL of the character pages, episode pages, song pages, and more. Without updates, users who join would not be able to see the essential information!

    In addition, the admins can't do everything on their own. We want users to edit and be active here as well, and the wiki seems a bit empty!

    What do we need?

    The Empire Wiki Update Team will consist of 5-10 users. Each user must apply or ask to be a par…

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  • REBƎLReloaded

    Admin Applications!

    Hey, guys, Trae here!

    First of all, I want to deeply apologize for my long absence on this wiki. A lot of things have been going on in real life and I am very impressed of how many people are taking care of this wiki while I'm gone.

    So, therefore, I am deciding to seek for more POTENTIAL admins for this wiki!

    Would you like to be a Leading Lyon with me? Here's how you can apply:

    Create a blog describing why you should be an admin. What actions would you take as an admin to ensure the wiki is safe? How can you contribute to this wiki as an admin?

    When you create your blog, post your application here and the CURRENT admins will choose our next admins.

    We will likely choose 2-3 more admins, so get to applying, guys!

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  • REBƎLReloaded

    Hello, fellow Empire Wiki fans and users, this is a blog announcing some NEW rules that the admins are deciding to set this day forward. It is VERY important that you guys stick to this rule because we want to ensure that the wiki is very comfortable and satisfying for everyone.

    Here are some new rules:

    1. Anonymous users MUST LOG IN OR REGISTER to participate on this wiki.

    Although it may seem tiring or too much to make an account, the admins have decided to create this rule because we have noticed that the anonymous users have been making very inappropriate, rude, and awkward comments on this wiki. It is very hard to keep track of who to warn or who to block. It is possible that Wikia will disable anonymous contributions on this wiki.

    In add…

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  • REBƎLReloaded

    Hey guys!

    As the Empire Wiki is increasing in users for this new, highest rating show of the year, the wiki is definitely in need of construction. The admins have been in need of help with pages, updating, and making this wiki look, feel, and flow like a community.


    The admins need you guys to contribute and help us out! If there's any assistance or anything you guys want to help us with, contact REBƎLReloaded, GinaSays16, and EXO-M and talk to us!

    How can you help? What can you help with?

    Character and actor pages!
    Song pages (adding information and lyrics)
    Episode pages (updating plot summaries)
    Photos (add more Empire photos and actor photos!)

    There are TONS of things we need to do and add! Joining this movement wil…

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  • REBƎLReloaded


    January 26, 2015 by REBƎLReloaded

    Test for homepage blog section.

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