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Tariq Cousins
General Information
Gender: Male
Resides in: New York
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Federal Agent
Philadelphia Police Officer (formerly)
Aliases: Tariq Tha Freak
Family and Friends
Family: Joe Walker † (father)
Fatima Cousins (mother)
Lucious Lyon (half-brother)
Andre Lyon (nephew)
Jamal Lyon (nephew)
Hakeem Lyon (nephew)
Bella Lyon (great-niece)
Additional Information
Interests: Imprisoning Lucious
Empire Chronology
First Appearance: The Lyon Who Cried Wolf
Portrayer: Morocco Omari

Tariq Cousins is the main antagonist in the third season of Empire, first being a recurring character near the second half of Season 2. He first appeared in The Lyon Who Cried Wolf. He is portrayed by Morocco Omari.


As revealed in the second season finale, Tariq is Lucious' half-brother by Lucious' mother. Also known as "The Freak" back in the day, Tariq has known Lucious and Cookie, along with her sisters since they were teenagers but his mother never allowed Tariq to hang around Lucious since she knew he was trouble. Tariq used to be a police officer for the Philadelphia Police Department but he is now a Federal Bureau Agent and has to build a new case based on the charges for Lucious killing Bunkie, plus the drug dealers that he had previously killed. He first appeared in "The Lyon Who Cried Wolf" where Carol ran into him at a bar which is where she started spilling details about Lucious, which gives Tariq the ability to use Carol as a way to put Lucious in jail. But once Carol mentioned Tariq to Cookie, she immediately became suspicious and told Carol to stay away from him but she continued to interact with him. Soon Cookie talked to Tariq at Leviticus and warns him that things will get ugly. He soon then tried to get Anika to rat out Lucious but she refused to say anything.

In Season 3, Tariq starts to become more of a problem for the Lyon family, taking every precaution to take Lucious down since Lucious falsely marrying Anika so she can't testify against him in court. He tries by getting Carol and Candace to go against Cookie, antagonizing every family member at the family dinner, planting a video camera into the eye of a teddy bear but is found out by Anika with Bella's baby monitor, and also had the officer that had arrested and assaulted Andre by adding false charges to Andre's case as a way to try to get him to expose Lucious as well so they can drop the charges.


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