Season 1

Episode 1

Lucious faces trouble. Lucious has symptoms of ALS, and may die in three months. Lucious is incarcerated without bail.
Cookie develops a scheme for Empire. Cookie wants half of Empire Entertainment and full management of Jamal. Cookie plots to takeover Empire Entertainment and remove Lucious from the company.
Jamal's first solo. Good Enough Pieces
Someone is killed. Lucious shoots Bunkie in the head. Frank Gathers beheads Jermel.

Episode 2

A song featured by Lucious Lyon is performed in the episode. What The DJ Spins Snitch Bitch
Tiana makes her first appearance, and sings her first song. Tiana appears rehearsing at Empire while performing Adios. Tiana appears rehearsing at Lyon Dynasty while performing Get No Better (2.0).
Andre's desires for Empire. Andre is determined to get Empire Entertainment. Andre wants to return to Empire Entertainment, desperately.
Hakeem makes a controversial decision. Hakeem belittles Barack Obama in the media. Hakeem leaks his debut album.
Hakeem's love interest. Hakeem hooks up with Tiana at Lavicitus. Hakeem hooks up with Valentina Galindo.

Episode 3

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