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Nessa Parker
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Recording Artist at Empire Entertainment
Family and Friends
Family: Stone Parker † (brother)
Shine Johnson (adoptive brother figure)
Relationships: Andre Lyon (ex-boyfriend)
Friends: Hakeem Lyon (formerly)

Freda Gatz

Enemies: Tiana Brown
Additional Information
Empire Chronology
First Appearance: Light in Darkness
Portrayer: Sierra McClain

Nessa Parker is a recurring character in the third season of Empire.


Light in Darkness

Nessa is first introduced as Shine' s protege. When Shine demanded Lucious to let Nessa sing background for Jamal at Empire X Stream premiere and record songs with Hakeem. When Hakeem hits on Nessa, she quickly let's him know she's not one of the "young, dumb thirst bucket thots" he's into. At the X Stream premiere, Jamal has stage fright after being shot so he couldn't perform. Nessa decided to take over the performance since she knew the show must go on.

Cupid, Unblinded

Lucious wants to sign Nessa but other record labels are trying to sign her as well. Lucious sends Hakeem to offer Shine and Nessa $2.5 million if they sign to Empire on his live stream channel, but it backfires when Shine publicly show viewers how much Empire Entertainment is offering and telling other labels not to offer money that low.

Lucious then sends Andre to talk to Nessa and he was able to convince her to sign with Empire. Shine later finds out and tries to kill Andre but Lucious and Andre vested him to sign as well.

Later on, Nessa came to see Andre alone as they were developing a chemistry. They are about to have sexual intercourse in his office, until Andre has a vision of his late wife Rhonda Lyon telling him it's ok. Which leads to a bizarre ghost threesome.

One Before Another Shine comes to Jamal's apartment to kill Andre but luckily Nessa was there from spending the night with Andre. Nessa was able to convince Shine to spare Andre's life.