Jamal-Michael Relationship
Jamal & Michael
General Information
Intimacy Level: Ex-boyfriends
Lived together (formerly)
Dating History: Dated prior to Pilot
Broke up in Our Dancing Days
Resumed dating by The Devils Are Here
Broke up indefinitely in Be True
Dating Status: Broken up indefinitely
The Jamal-Michael Relationship is the formerly romantic relationship between Jamal Lyon and Michael Sanchez.

Throughout season 1, Jamal and Michael's relationship takes a turn to the worst. The two began dating before the "Pilot", but they eventually separate in "Our Dancing Days" after Michael discovers that Jamal may be the father of his ex-wife's daughter, Lola.

By the start of season 2, they have reconciled and have resumed dating. However, after Michael cheats on Jamal, they break up indefinitely.


Season 1

Although Jamal and Michael have dated prior to the debut episode, their relationship was often hidden. The two, in the beginning, seemed to have a strong, romantic connection, Michael often gave emotional support to Jamal whenever necessary, and also he always seemed to support his music, despite Jamal's refusal to promote his artistry to the public. It was also revealed that, prior to the Pilot, Jamal never revealed his relationship with Michael to Cookie. Gradually, the relationship becomes strained after Jamal's musical success evolves. While Jamal hopes to take down Lucious and Hakeem with his music, Michael fears that Jamal's popularity will affect their relationship.

This situation worsens when Jamal reveals that there is no "leading lady" in his life, according to his radio interview with Sway. Michael was heartbroken, hoping that he'd be mentioned. Afterwards, Michael discovers that Jamal may be the father of his ex-wife's daughter, Lola; therefore, he breaks up with Jamal and leaves his apartment.

Season 2

By the start of the second season, they have resumed dating and living together. They broke up later on after Jamal caught Michael cheating.

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