Hakeem-Tiana Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Takeem
Intimacy Level: Boyfriend and Girlfriend (sexual)
expected parenthood
Dating History: Began dating in The Outspoken King ; Broke up in Dangerous Bonds (1st relationship)

Made-Up in A Furnace For Your Foe ; Broke up in Fortune Be Not Crost (2nd relationship)

Made-Up in Without Apology ; Broke up in Without Apology (3rd relationship)

Made-Up in False Face ; Broke up in False Face (4th relationship)

Dating Status: Dating/In Love
The Hakeem-Tiana Relationship, popularly known as Takeem, is the romantic relationship between Hakeem Lyon and Tiana Brown. The two began a short-lived relationship in season 1, and broke up due to cheating on both ends. They got back together in the episode A Furnace for Your Foe. In Season 4, Tiana and Hakeem are raising his daughter Bella together while Anika was in prison. When Anika returns, Bella is more comfortable around Tiana than Anika. After Anika sues for sole custody of Bella, Hakeem planned to run away to Cuba with Bella and Tiana. He tells Tiana to meet him at the airport, but she brought Cookie to convince him not to leave. The following episode, Tiana and the Lyon Family go to court to battle Anika and Angelo. When Tiana was called to the stand, Angelo started attacking her with accusations and made her break down in tears on the stand. Hakeem blamed her for having him fight for custody over Bella and telling Cookie about Cuba. Tiana saw how stressed Hakeem was, but was fed up with his childish attitude. Tiana and Hakeem got back together a few episodes later, but Eddie said she can't have any distractions if she wants a successful career. Hakeem later proposes to Tiana but she told him what Eddie told her. Tiana later regrets rejecting Hakeem and decides to continue her relationship with him behind Eddie's back, only to break up with him once again. She later becomes jealous after Hakeem begins a relationship with movie star Haven Quinn. Haven later leaves Hakeem to go back to Los Angeles to her boyfriend. It turns Hakeem and Haven only got together to make both of their exes jealous. Tiana tells Hakeem that she's pregnant.