Empire Entertainment
Empire Entertainment Exterior


Lucious Lyon
Cookie Lyon


Lucious Lyon (co-CEO)
Cookie Lyon (co-CEO)
Jamal Lyon (temporarily)
Hakeem Lyon (briefly)


Andre Lyon


Leonard Bernstein
Vernon Turner(formerly)
Lucious Lyon (formerly)
Mimi Whiteman(formerly)
Camilla Marks-Whiteman(former interim/proxy)

Empire Entertainment ("Empire Enterprises"; NYSE: EMPE) (commonly referred to as "Empire") is a publicly traded company that was founded by Lucious and Cookie Lyon.

Although it is primarily first and foremost a multi-platinum recording label and studio, Empire also has its own fashion line, high-end liquor as well as involvement in sports management, publishing and electronic gaming.

Empire also owns a spin off label, Gutter Life Records, which focuses primarily on artists from the streets who possess a raw talent, hence the name "Gutter Life"; Empire X-Stream (formerly known as SwiftStream), a multi-platform online streaming service; as well as Lyon Dynasty, another spin-off label initially formed by Cookie and Hakeem Lyon as a competitor for Empire.


Current Employees

Former Employees


Current Artists

Former Artists

  • Black Mythology (former artist; left Empire for Creedmoor)
  • Black Rambo (former artist; left Empire due to homophobia)
  • Industry (former artist; left Empire for Creedmoor)
  • Kidd Fo-Fo (former artist; dropped)
  • L'il Cherry (former artist; left Empire for Creedmoor)
  • Veronica (former artist; left Empire for Creedmoor)

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